Sunday, 27 September 2009

Langholm Show

Official Photographer!!

Excellent day at Langholm show yesterday and I've just finished uploading all the photos here

Langholm seems to be a rare old fashioned Agricultural show with everything from Sheaf Tossing and Tug of War to Terrier Racing.

The horse entries seemed to be very good and it was lovely to have stock on the show ground as the show was cancelled in 2008 and ran without the stock in 2007 due to foot and mouth.  Driving classes in particular seemed to be well supported and competitive.

I think the best bit was the weather which was certainly the best day we've had in a while and probably accounted for the relaxed atmosphere and the smiles.

Huge apologies to the people I missed, I was disappointed I didn't get much chance to photograph the stock and the dog show, will definitely rectify this if they are kind enough to invite me back next year!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I've never liked the damn things!!!

Spent an enjoyable afternoon photographing the "four in a pen, commercial cow class" for Langholm show today, good excuse to mooch about farms and complain about the weather and the ground!!

First pen of cows was a bit of an adrenalin rush.  Big black cow was eyeing us up from the start and I noticed her being given a few wary looks.  Well she made a half hearted charge but backed off with a firm wallop with a walking stick.

The second charge, well I'd be lying if I said I really remember what happened.  I remember a shout of "she's coming" and I remember the gate chain being a little tricky and I remember being out of the pen, hiding behind a gate (all on my own-some!!!) and hearing the charge of hooves but no screaming so I felt it was safe to pop my head out and check everyone (who I didn't let hide behind "my" gate!) was safe, which they were (saving the constant dilemma of "if it has all got a bit exciting and you are holding onto the camera, should you take the shots?!!")

We all laughed a bit, got in the car and said "eh up, that was a bit close."  Then I took the rest of the photos from the other side of the fence!

I think it was the cow on the right, looks suspicious doesn't it?

Monday, 21 September 2009

Men with whips...

Ah now, that caught your attention didn't it?!!

Just a few photos taken at the Bassets on Sunday.  I have a new filter and when I get it right its very good and when I clearly have everything set wrongly its shite.  May have to read the manual!!

Annual cow photographing tomorrow for Langholm show!  Must remember they don't appreciate pretty head shots - show the beef Laura!!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Equithon - 26 mile ride!

We were down in Cheshire this weekend competing at Equithon, a 26 mile charity ride, run by the Cheshire Endurance group.  Sebastian had organised a team comprising of all South American horses, so the team was Isabelle on Fatima, Adam on Upa, Mark on Charua and myself on Pitufa.

Of course we were taking the whole event very seriously and our pre-ride evening consisted of lots of alcohol and a few hours sleep...

Well as always the ponies were superb and we left as a team and came home as a team some three and a half hours later and won the "Equithon Open Team Challenge" - really couldn't fault the ponies especially Pitufa and Upa who came home with heart rates in the low forties.

The second team from the yard was doing the half equithon (13 miles) and also won, so a good showing from Edleston Academy!!

We drove home today and had a good run up until about four miles away where upon there was a loud bang, a nasty rattling sound and a plume of grey smoke.  We limped the wagon to the nearest lay-by and I unloaded Pitufa and rode her home (2-day ride?!) while Mark stayed for the recovery truck.  Unfortunately the recovery truck winch decided to be tricky... but not until both trucks were blocking the road, for several hours... Oh happy Days.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Changing Colour!

And its not the spotties this year!

J.R has gone liver chestnut and is clearly now going to end up grey.

Malambo is a pale silver colour with a nearly black head and legs.

Viscacha is now a lovely bright bay roan.

They are still joined at the hip!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Mark was in Glasgow, being ordered to crawl about on his hands and knees under a table, while being filmed by some bird...

Never a quiet moment here eh?!  

For those with really filthy minds I should perhaps explain it was a casting call for a film, and no, not THAT sort of film, thank you!  

Monday, 7 September 2009

Amber Away!

Amber left to go to her new home today!  While Mark was doing her feet and worming her I had a small chat with her, told her she was leaving to go to a lovely home with no mud, less rain and occasionally she would see something yellow and that was the sun... Well she didn't take telling twice and leapt on the lorry with "Aunty Pitufa" for company, she never moved (so much so that I looked in at Hawick to see if she was still in there!!), never broke sweat and came off the wagon looking like she'd only gone a mile down the road.

I took Pitufa out for a hurtle up the railway tracks in Haddington (Sebastian please note how seriously we are taking our "endurance" training!!!) and when we came back Amber was happily settled with a new herd and eating, we don't breed them stressy!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Fluffy ponies and Flying whippets!!

Had a good day out today at Pelton House Stables photographing at their show.  We had a nice mix of in-hand and ridden classes in the morning.

Followed by jumping in the afternoon.  I presume this flying whippet won the dogs class, either way he was awesome and I would happily have taken him (and his more reluctant pal) home.

A lovely day, of course helped by Caroline's company and the steady supply of coffee and cakes!!

*Update 18/9* I have archived the photos from this show and they are no longer available to view*  Best I just leave it at that.... LOL!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Me and my shadow....

Ned grazing with a Roe Deer!