Monday, 19 October 2015

So what does the Criollo bring to the party?

We think a decent dose of Criollo blood could be just what you are looking for in your next horse and it doesn't matter if you play polo or have never even seen a match.
This is why...

Criollos are famous for feats of great Endurance - Aimé Tschiffely rode two Criollos, Mancha and Gato, from Buenos Aires to New York, a journey of 13,350 miles which took over three years.
This is just one famous long distance ride made on Criollos and the breed are still tested for their stamina every year in La Marcha. (A 750km race over 10 days living only on grass grazed as they rest.)

Criollos are famously long lived - Mancha and Gato were 16 and 15 respectively when they started the trek and then Gato lived to 36 and Mancha 40.

Criollos are robust, healthy and resistant to many diseases (well, it kind of ties in or they wouldn't live so long, would they?!)

Criollos have great feet.

Criollos bond to their owner, they will behave for anyone but they will look for you the minute you walk in the yard and go better for you.

Criollos inspire loyalty, they become a passion.  Read about Don Roberto on our website to see what I mean.

Criollos stride along with enthusiasm, they are going somewhere and they do it with their ears forward.  They notice everything but are not generally spooky.

Criollos are balanced and athletic, don't make the mistake of thinking safe equals ploddy, they are active and hugely good fun.

Criollos are cheap to keep, very very cheap to keep!

Criollos adapt, ours are ridden by Mark at 6'4" and Laura (me) at 5'4" and there is a weight difference too, just not as big as I'd like!  Mark neck reins, I ride two handed.  Mark is brave, I am not.

Here at Chamfron Stud we love our Criollos and our Criollo crosses!

Please click here - "Party Invite" - to see if there might just be a dash (or more) of Criollo in your next "plus one"!


Hillcroft said...

Love it and I know there will be cakes

Laura said...

There are Party Rings of course!!

Hillcroft said...

Yummy x