Saturday, 25 September 2021

And this week...

Jessica has received her snazzy team gear ready for next month and Rebecca has qualified for the National Hunter Trials with a placing at Gleneagles on Chamfron Firefly.

Friday, 24 September 2021

Spotted on my travels (13)

Or things you see when you are out looking at trees!  Firstly the Scottish Korean War Memorial which comprises a small wooden pagoda, surrounded by 110 Korean pine trees (one for every ten Britons who died in the conflict) and 1090 birch trees (one for each of the fallen).  The traditional Korean pagoda contains a list of those who died in the conflict.

Further up the hill is Witchcraig Wall, the wall was constructed in 2003 and illustrates the geological variety of central Scotland, with 43 different stones from places that can be seen from this view point.

Then lastly (after "deer of the day" of course!) Cairnpapple henge monument – a rare class of Neolithic ceremonial monument. The broad summit of Cairnpapple Hill was a significant site for ceremonies and burials for at least 4,000 years, The reconstruction of the burial cairn was done in the early 1950s, effectively adding a concrete dome (which you can enter when it is open).

Sunday, 19 September 2021


Lovely night to hack the fluff over old haunts but here in lies the dilemma... He's only little and I have stacked on the weight during lockdown.  I have now hit the weight limit I'd imposed on myself and while I was wearing a hideously unflattering granny coat some photos did make me go "oooff" - when your backside is wider than the ponies something has to give.  So what is it?  I need to get a grip of my constant snacking (she says while juggling a large glass of wine and shoving a Dorito in dip with the other hand) - do I sell him, do I find a sharer, do I retire him (he's only fifteen), would I ever want another horse?  I don't know the answers.  Tonight we were buzzed by a Golden ringed dragonfly as we rode through the woods which was pretty special, getting buzzed by the cattle, less so...

Monday, 13 September 2021

Welsh TREC Championships

Christina and Chamfron Tizona - level 2a pairs winners.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Saturday, 11 September 2021

So this week...

Chamfron Agata de Fuego has been on holiday in the Scottish Borders, covering some miles including visiting the Three Brethren.  They then finished their holiday with the pleasure ride at the Scottish Endurance Championships, where she finished with a lover heart rate than she started.  Chamfron Almendra gained 66 and 67% dressaging at Cherwell this week. This lovely little mare is only three months out of polo.  Shall we also just take a moment to say "he stamps his stock"!!!  Then on Saturday I popped back into the endurance championships to see Jessica and Chamfron Colorado competing in his first 50km and gaining his Bronze Thistle Final with a gold award.

Thursday, 9 September 2021