Saturday, 31 October 2015

Testimonials - Part One

I decided to set up a Testimonials page on the website and this is what our lovely customers (and now friends) said about us...

Gemma Hope (Owner of Chamfron Kukri and Chamfron Colada)
Buying a horse from Chamfron Stud is less like a business transaction and more like gaining membership to an exclusive club. Laura & Mark are very approachable and always able to give helpful advice when I get stuck or have a question. In addition to this I have had my own special support team at various competitions with Laura & Mark there to spectate, support and photograph. I always feel like they are genuinely interested in how we are doing! Jackson (Chamfron Kukri) is my horse of a lifetime. He is such a character but incredibly well mannered and gives me so much confidence. I have had more fun (& success) with him than I could ever have imagined!
I have enjoyed my experience with a Chamfron pony so much I returned to the stud last year to bring home Jacksons half sister!!!  I can't promise that I won't be back for another.
Rachel Mcdonald  (Doodle - Broken in Summer 2015)
Just thought I would drop you a line as once again I realise what a great job you both did with D. He hadn't been ridden for a week with me working and then him pulling a shoe and it was blowing a hoolie and raining but we had planned to ride so braved the elements. Yes he was rather on his toes but he kept himself polite and just got on with his job even when a van flew passed spraying water everywhere. He was certainly showing promise of being an endurance pony but came straight back into walk when asked. The more I ride him the more I want to, he responds to the lightest aids. Thanks for making my foalface into such a super grown up xx
Rose Riches (Blue - Broken in Summer 2015)
Just want to say a very big Thank You, Laura and Mark, for breaking our Dales pony youngster this Spring. He has come back as a calm, relaxed boy, quite happy to be ridden and he will be back with you next year for more schooling. That's the third Dales pony we have sent to you, and they have all been broken so well that we never have a moments bother with them. Many, many thanks again.
Rebecca Crump (Owner of Chamfron By Dand and Chamfron Firefly)
I was scrolling on the website at foals for sale, as you do, not really looking to buy, and came across a wee face that stole my heart. He was pulling a face and looked so silly I had to have him. I travelled 3 hours with a horse box to view him. Fell in love all over again and said there and then, "Yup, that's the one, put him on the box please." Mark and laura were super friendly had shown me the foal Chamfron By Dands mum and dad. Both with the most amazing natures. After a cuppa the new baby in my life was on the trailer and we were heading down the track when I said I bet I never here from them wrong could I be!!! Laura and Mark are always keen to here of his progress and keep in touch regularly. Now named Owen, he is now 7 and competing well at endurance. He loves to jump and will turn his hoof to anything that is asked. He really is my horse of a life time. So much so that I bought his full sister before she was born. She is now 4 and proving to be a smart confident young Lady who is ready to take on the world.
Rowena Kennedy (Owner of Chamfron Mojito)
Mark and Laura made the buying experience such a good one, I went to see Mojito and spent a great afternoon meeting all the youngsters and never once felt under any pressure to buy, saying that after meeting Mojito of course I couldn't resist. I have had Mojito just over 9 months now and he never ceases to make me smile, I absolutely adore him. After being around horses over 25yrs I have never met such an intelligent, loving wee horse. He has such a fabulous trainable nature, always so eager to please and is of course gorgeous to go with it. I am very much looking forward to our future together.
Karina Bowlby (Phoenix and Portia being broken in)
Mark and Laura have broken in two horses for me. One very straightforward and one who had become difficult and aggressive when staying at another yard. I was delighted with both when they came home. The quiet one was bombproof and the difficult one had returned to being the calm, sweet boy he once was. I highly recommend them. They take the time and do the job properly.
Kayreen Jones (Owner of Chamfron Angel Dust and more!)
Mark and Laura started out as the "Stud Owners" and have become friends. Taking my mare to the stud at the time was a nervous experience but Mark and Laura's professionalism shone through and they listened to my nerdy comments! Of course when I went to collect her from the stud I came back with a baby horse (as above). The chamfron horses personality shines through, well balanced, friendly human loving horses. Easy to deal with and with a personality. I was so happy with my dealings with the stud I sent two youngsters back for backing and some schooling. It did not matter that I am a western rider as my horses are beautifully worked and treated. I cannot praise their work enough and Mark's careful but no nonsense approach meant my horses were set up for the rest of their riding careers. I would not hesitate to buy another horse from them (as long as under 15.3! mine kept growing) smiling when I say that! nor hesitate to send a horse for backing.
Natalie Brougham (Owner of Chamfron Bellini)
I purchased a foal from Laura and Mark, Chamfron Bellini. I live the other side of UK, so she was bought from photos and hear say. Well what can I say, this little 6 month filly arrived on the transport, quiet and calm. Everything they said she was. Loaded onto my lorry, then had a ferry journey, still very calm and happy to just munch on her hay. She's grown into a beautiful mare. Very excited for her future in the dressage arena. Anyone looking to purchase a well mannered youngster, that has had the best start to their life should consider purchasing from the chamfron stud
Cara Brooke (Owner of Chamfron Toledo)
What can I say - THE most amazing horses from THE most amazing people!  I bought Chamfron Toledo after seeing him crop up in my Facebook feed. I drove all the way to Scotland to spend some time seeing him and was greeted by the warmest couple in gorgeous country surroundings. Time spent in the field with the herd was awesome!  Each of the Chamfron horses has its own unique personality full of character and kindness.  Without Laura and Mark, my boy wouldn't exist and I adore my boy who has continued to grow without losing any of his character or his kindness! Chamfron horses simply are a breed like no other and life is not complete without one, or two!!!
Sonya Ann Perry (Millie broken in summer 2013)
​We sent our homebred filly to Mark and Laura at Chamfron after a personal recommendation from a friend. We specifically wanted someone who would start the groundwork for a multi purpose pony. Due to my many equine interests she needed to play polo, jump, do dressage and generally be prepared to do anything and everything! So I wasn't expecting much then! After visiting the stud and watching Mark at work, far from this being a bit of a pipe dream, even in a relatively short space of time the pony was given a great start to her ridden career. Although she is not one of their own homebreds, I feel Mark has instilled some of the objectives they are committed to in their breeding programme in to our mare. The need to produce flexible, adaptable, mannerly but talented youngsters who can excel in any sphere. We are now 2 years down the line and the mare has started to fulfil some of her promise, even starting her polo career with some additional help from Mark and Laura. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark and Laura for help with breaking and schooling, or for breeding and producing quality young stock. I would go as far as to say that there would be few individuals in Scotland who have the depth and range of experience with horses that Mark has, combined with a sensitive but disciplined approach to horse development.
Chantelle Allanson (Owner of Chamfron Snow Goose)
After months of searching and looking at hundreds of others that were very nice but.. I stumbled across the Chamfron Stud page and did a bit of research on the stud. Laura and Mark definitely know their stuff when it comes to breeding horses and a perfect 'recipe' for a perfect horse! A brief phone call and a couple of emailed pics, I bought her without even a viewing! The first time we met was when Laura and Mark kindly brought Angel to the yard. I just knew she would be perfect in every way and she is that!! Thank you Laura and Mark for breeding such super horses! As everyone I know with a Chamfron would agree - They truly are horses of a lifetime!!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Breaking Update - Roly

Roly is in his third week with us and had his first canter today, he'll go home early next week for a winter holiday.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dapper Dog

Old Mr Bimble has been wearing his winter wardrobe all summer so as the days get colder we've had to go on a shopping spree on Ebay.  Despite being fairly senile he's been very excited to find that the sort of people that make coats for geriatric whippets also send them snacks.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Tilting Pro Photo

Look, look - PROOF!  Photo with thanks to Angela Fortheringham.

Snip, Snip - Round One

The first four foals are microchipped (Aggie made the saddest wee squeak) and Chaco and Santiago are now geldings.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Chamfron Chaco - Six months old

Lovely chunky friendly boy.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Smiles all round

Liorah came out for her first ride on Sakura today, smiles all round even if we didn't manage to dodge the showers.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Breaking Update - Roly

Roly is starting week two and going forward nicely.  

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Monday, 19 October 2015

So what does the Criollo bring to the party?

We think a decent dose of Criollo blood could be just what you are looking for in your next horse and it doesn't matter if you play polo or have never even seen a match.
This is why...

Criollos are famous for feats of great Endurance - Aimé Tschiffely rode two Criollos, Mancha and Gato, from Buenos Aires to New York, a journey of 13,350 miles which took over three years.
This is just one famous long distance ride made on Criollos and the breed are still tested for their stamina every year in La Marcha. (A 750km race over 10 days living only on grass grazed as they rest.)

Criollos are famously long lived - Mancha and Gato were 16 and 15 respectively when they started the trek and then Gato lived to 36 and Mancha 40.

Criollos are robust, healthy and resistant to many diseases (well, it kind of ties in or they wouldn't live so long, would they?!)

Criollos have great feet.

Criollos bond to their owner, they will behave for anyone but they will look for you the minute you walk in the yard and go better for you.

Criollos inspire loyalty, they become a passion.  Read about Don Roberto on our website to see what I mean.

Criollos stride along with enthusiasm, they are going somewhere and they do it with their ears forward.  They notice everything but are not generally spooky.

Criollos are balanced and athletic, don't make the mistake of thinking safe equals ploddy, they are active and hugely good fun.

Criollos are cheap to keep, very very cheap to keep!

Criollos adapt, ours are ridden by Mark at 6'4" and Laura (me) at 5'4" and there is a weight difference too, just not as big as I'd like!  Mark neck reins, I ride two handed.  Mark is brave, I am not.

Here at Chamfron Stud we love our Criollos and our Criollo crosses!

Please click here - "Party Invite" - to see if there might just be a dash (or more) of Criollo in your next "plus one"!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Diddling on...

Yet another dry day, we have one small new arrival, Roly managed a walk and very small trot in the outside pen and the foals get fluffier by the minute!

Saturday, 17 October 2015


Adding a dash of colour to the verges!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Breaking Update - Sakura

Sakura at the end of week three with us.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Breaking Update - Roly

Mac headed home yesterday and three year old Roly arrived to be backed.  Saddle on today with no problems.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Chamfron Morello - Spotfest SW

Lovely to hear from Edmund that Morello won his class at Spotfest and that both he and his little sister Hanami are doing well.  Photos with thanks from Abbie May Photography.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Tilting at Rockrose

We went up to Rockrose Equestrian centre near Haddington today to a "Have a go at Tilting" demo and met up with Rebecca with Chamfron By Dand.  He was in good form, showing of his newly developed endurance trot, perhaps not the easiest to nail a tiny ring with a lance from.  He is pictured with the "practise lance" - a broom handle - going up the tilting lane for the first time.

Mark and I managed to get a ring, well Mark got several, I was happy with one, it was one more than I was expecting to get!  It was also the first time I'd ridden Arrayan in the company of another stallion as the demo horse was the AES stallion Freckleton Enchilada, needless to say both boys were impeccably behaved.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fluffy Foals

Zamba, Ombu and Conquistador.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Northern Lights

WOW, I may have said that a few times, while clapping my hands together and saying WOW a bit more.  They started with a green bow across the northern horizon and then the sky lit up and the Northern Lights danced behind our windmill, absolutely amazing.