Tuesday, 26 February 2019


It was 17 degrees at 4pm today and I was riding in a T-shirt, there are lambs in the field and blossom coming out in the hedges.  We stood and watched three deer swim across the pond, saw a sparrowhawk catching it's dinner then cantered along the Southern Upland Way with geese flying alongside us.  There are worse ways to spend an afternoon!

Three Quarter of an Otter...

Yet another Birdcam 2.0 purchased on Ebay, they don't last long but when they are new the quality is great.  We have a second fox and we definitely have an Otter... well some of an Otter... I am only lightly gutted!

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Qualified RDA Para pony

Linda Dykes trainer, Sara Jones Williams has been working with Chamfron Chipita and has produced her into a qualified RDA para dressage pony.

Chip’s para rider, a gentleman with learning disabilities, had a lesson on her yesterday and said this to Sara:

“You sure know how to make a horse feel good, and she just feels like a fairground horse .. she does what you ask when you ask. She feels so talented and up for it ... I have to be with her because she is so with me and wants to give me what I think I am asking.”

Fingers crossed they achieve big things together this year.

Naked up North

This time last year we were shivering as the Beast from the East hit, today it was altogether balmy in the Borders.  Spider and his pals had their rugs off for the first time and Gemma's gang, Chamfron Kukri, Colada and Olegario (always the comedian!) were naked too.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Back to their roots?

Chamfron Nicobar (aka Prickle) will be heading back to Scotland on Sunday, he is leaving his owner Caroline Clarry and trainer Jodie Amos Eventing and joining Susan Kirkwood where we hope he will have a very exciting evening career.  I may even get to see him out and about.  

Chamfron Marco Polo has also headed back to his roots and is back in Cumbria having joined the Yon family, he already looks happy and settled.  Poor Marco has unfortunately been passed around a fair bit in the last few years and has had more than his fair share of hard times, almost certainly because he was entire.  He does (did!) produce lovely foals as can be seen by the ridden photo of his eldest progeny, Amber Trainer's Pyro but I am thrilled that his previous owners gelded him last year and hope this gives him a change in his fortunes.  I did offer to buy him back and do the deed myself but I am very grateful I didn't have to and he now has a better future.

Some lovely photos on Facebook of Bellini, Colorado and Mojito this week.  All looking fantastic.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Eildon Hill North

Yesterday was somewhat blustery with scattered showers, Spider was feeling the breeze in his fluff and this was the last point on our somewhat shortened hack that I didn't have two hands on the reins, his behaviour was fairly disgusting for one so plump and so fluffy and needless to say he is utterly unrepentant. 

Today Ross, Andrea and I decided we'd climb the Eildon we can see from work, Eildon Hill North and while it was far from glorious sunshine we could see over to the Black Hill, Leaderfoot Viaduct, Melrose Abbey and in the distance the Soutra wind farm.  One down, two Eildons to go!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

What a gentleman!

By Dand helping his little sister out.  And yes... I asked about the Elephant as well!!