Saturday, 26 January 2013

Finally Nico in the Snow.

Nico was last to get a spin out in the snow, he was fairly convinced he had to roll where ever another horse had rolled and believe me there had been a lot of rolling going on!  The drizzle had then started so we quickly made a snow otter and came in.  Complete photo overload today but when this thaws it won't be pretty!

Tammy, Mable, Cherry and Bridget (and Snow)

Chamfron Youngsters in the Snow.

Fatima, Pitufa and Llamita in the Snow.

Arrayan Numa in the Snow.

Whippets in the Snow.

Decent covering of snow this morning but the forecast is to thaw and then rain all next week so we've been enjoying it while we can. 

Friday, 25 January 2013

More snow... (woop woop!!)

Finally we get the snow the rest of the country has had all week.  Mule shows off how well insulated she is but she is still happy to see Mark, aka "The Hay Wallah"!  Bubbles has been seen roaming all over the field but hasn't been noticed at the feeders the last few days so she was spoilt with her own personal snack.  

Of course the advantage to taking the hay out in a sack is it can be used for sledging, in my opinion the snow is not quite deep enough, nor my backside quite fat enough (yet) to slide over the divots and stones...!