Sunday, 27 April 2008

Chamfron Nagasha

Chamfron Nagasha looking an absolute picture at nine months old. A credit to you Steve and Bob!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Millies "boyfriend"

Gill just emailed me some recent photos of Burrnock Exclusively Done. Millie is in foal to "Duncan" due in the middle of June. I'd like a buckskin filly please......

Monday, 21 April 2008

No rest for the wicked!!

Up at 4.30 this morning to transport Daisy to Mrs Olivers yard in Denholm, where she was then picked up by Gillies ready to start her journey down south and her new career as a polo pony. Wishing you all the best with her Will.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Monday, 14 April 2008

More photos of the pink pony....

Photos of Arrayan thanks to Francesca Nunn -

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Arrayan's first outing.

Well after a 5am start and a nice drive through snow (hello its APRIL) we got upto Cousland this morning.

Quick warm up in the indoor arena with LOTS of mirrors - Arrayan spending a good five minutes going "Hey, you are one sexy looking beast!!!"

Into the arena and I worked on the basis of if you can't be effective, sit still and smile....

For 68% and third place.

Then he aquired a girlfriend and off out we dashed for the 16Km ride, so he's now hacked with a strange mare, gave her a lead over a miniscule jump, and through the river. Excellent in traffic, never even looked the wrong way at another horse... VERY PLEASED

We fairly flew along, but a little detour (we were not lost!!!!) meant a time of just under 9Km an hour. Still, can't complain, he's far from fit and he came back with a lower heart rate than he started.

Fabulous first outing for a 4yo stallion - if anything he's too quiet and nobody realised he was entire!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Virtus leaves....

Virtus left this morning to start his new career as an eventer and team chaser in Berkshire. Hope you have lots of fun with him Nat!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Runner Ducks.

I have been rather remiss. Steve and Bob kindly gave us three runner ducks last month. Now named Linford, Paula and Zola. Today they took possesion of their very own indoor swimming pool, straight from ebay!