Sunday, 25 January 2009

There's a ghost in the barn....

Well thats what the other brood mares seem to think, they can't eat their hay as they have to keep their eyes on what is apparently the most interesting thing to move in, in weeks!!

This little few spot filly is destined for a *top secret* breeding operation, a little different to our norm!!  First though she will be grey tested and lightly backed.

Photo thanks to Sheena, will get some more of her in the next few days.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

No Way....

It may have been said that Mark and I are a little skeptical of the whole Intelligent Horsemanship/Natural Horsemanship/Pat Parelli (and any others that make horse training a cult!!) philosophy on horse training.  Tending to go more for basic common sense and manners but we may now have seen the light you know and its all due to the following book....

In the book Kelly says we must look for the good in every horse and pictures a smart little grey show pony, beautifully turned out and working into a nice outline.  He appears to be a safe and kind ride for his young jockey while still having a lot of quality about him.  Kelly says (paraphrased, or not particularly accurate as I don't actually own the book!!) "This pony, for example, is good at being white"

WTF?!!!!!!!!!!  Gobsmacked, just Gobsmacked!  

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Exbury Ghost - Previous progeny!

It was lovely to hear from Donna and Mary this week as they own some of Nico's older progeny.

I am always pleased to hear how any of Nico's foals are getting on - more photos of this pair on the stud website!

Quest Spirit Dancer

Quest Dun Apparition


Modeling new rugs?  Kofi and Tiz on their winter holidays.

Big belly under the blue rug!!!  Kofi is in foal to Nico and due on the 23rd of April - though she went a fortnight early when she had Tiz.  I'm voting for a black blanket spot colt....

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Errr Blond Moment?

Mark and I took Muriel to Newcastle Airport last night and on our way to the lounge we stopped to admire a series of six paintings kindly donated by the local primary school.  Then we started to giggle at the painting in the middle (shown on the right of this photo)  Notice anything?

Do you think the clue was in the control tower or the stars then?

Some absolute eejit has hung the painting upside down - it rather reminded us of a Billy Connolly sketch "In the unlikely event of both engines failing put your head between your knees and kiss your ar*e goodbye, because we're going into the ground like a f*cking dart"

One of those days you think "let me out of here, I'm not stupid enough for this country!!"