Saturday, 31 May 2014

In the Press - Chamfron By Dand

Rebecca and Owen in this months Endurance magazine.

Schooling liveries - the Arrayan fillies

Kitty is happy being tacked up, leant over and sat on, Lucia has been working a lot harder!  She is a bit plump and stuffy so the aim of her being here is to get her of the leg, sharper, changing legs, basically the transition from nice quiet hack to good polo pony.  She also learnt to play "keepie upie" today, she wasn't entirely convinced but a useful skill to learn to keep on side with the Argentine players.  Not so impressive if they are bouncing the ball past the ladies and a pink pony shoots out from under them!

Morag had also asked that both were better to hose down and after a small discussion Lucia stood well, if not exactly looking thrilled (that is the Criollo sulking face for anyone not familiar with it!)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Two Arrayan Numa fillies

Morag and Claire from Border Reivers polo club brought over their two Arrayan Numa fillies yesterday.  The darker filly is the four year old Lucia who has come for polo schooling and the brighter bay is Kitty a three year old who has come to be broken in.  Lucia's head is the spit of her dads and they are both really lovely fillies.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Chamfron Colada - One day old.

Schooling update - Ozzie

He is beginning to strengthen up and is starting to offer to work in an outline at the start of week four.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Chamfron Nicobar - 10 days old.

Last foal for 2014

Sue Ellen foals down a very feminine Arrayan Numa filly at a civilised 9.30am.  She will be called Chamfron Colada keeping on with the sword theme for Ellie's foals.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lamb Hill Donkey Show

Dearest mule had been desperate to do something so when there was a mention of a specific mule class at Lamb Hill Donkey Show we felt we should go along and support it.  She was quickly pulled in, feet trimmed, ears de-waxed, hogged, and bathed (cue sad soggy limp eared mule).  She launched herself on the trailer this morning and with her ears waving happily in the rear mirror of we went to Yorkshire.

Five mules came forward for the mule class, Treacle was bemused to find herself looking up at the imported mule, Phlossi.  She is generally known as "the mule with the unfortunate name" as she goes by the moniker "Coffee Hollow Kiss My Fanny" a name that probably works better in the States!  All mules were much admired and Treacle won the class.

Mark then donned his bowler and as the heavens opened he threw himself into the handy donkey course, we left before the results so we are yet to find out if they were quick enough to get in the placings, we are told there is a donkey who is legendary and very difficult to beat...

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Chamfron Kukri - Show Results

Gemma is doing brilliantly with Jackson getting him out to an event most weekends.  Her Facbook update today "Home and very proud of his ribbons from the BHS show today. Over 25 competitors in his jumping classes!  2nd in nursery SJ, 3rd novice SJ & 5th in dressage. Clever boy!"

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chamfron Morena - Two days old

Erica's foal is now named Morena as she was born on Mark's mum's birthday and Morena is the spanish variant of her name, Muriel (gosh, that seems a bit convoluted!!)

Cactus Jack is back

Unfortunately Tessa has had to let Cactus go but she knows I may be a wee bit neurotic about where our horses go and gave us the opportunity to bring him back and find him a new home from here.  Mark will get him going under saddle and then we will offer him for sale as a riding horse.  I had a little sit on his younger sister today as she is now broken in and going home on Friday.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Yet another lovely day.

The foals are enjoying the sunshine and have been joined by a deer in their field, if you look closely at the first deer photo you can see one of our resident pair of partridges who has been put up.  One new little chick arrival too, looks potentially like a "mini me".


Before Alf (Bombero) went out he learnt what happens to yearlings who steal jackets when they are having their feet trimmed, they have to wear them.  "Not a bother" he said "suits me better anyway"!

Lysander and Bombero go out.

Sandy and Alf (!!!) had their feet trimmed and went out to join Perdita and Toledo today.  Perdita is one cool customer, watching them hurtling around and only getting up when there was a risk of being jumped on.  

Monday, 19 May 2014

Perdita and Toledo go out.

Perdita and Toledo have gone out for the summer, Perdita is now sold but is staying the summer with us and will leave with Osito when he is weaned.