Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Quick Updates...

Photos of Chamfron Snow Goose, Wakizashi, Cactus Jack and By Dand all doing well in their new homes.  Chamfron By Dand went to his first Powercross at Inchcoonans on Sunday and behaved impeccably, he's also pretty handy around the yard.  His "little sister" Chamfron Viscacha who is by Arrayan has also come back into work, few months off, new yard, hacking out on her own, absolutely no bother!

Monday, 25 February 2013

If you go down to the woods today...

A few reds (various shades) and many little birds bimbling about.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dogs and Deer.

The weather is still dry, the fields are doing their best to relinquish bog status and my wee herd of deer are happily grazing in the side field, long may it last!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Flashy? Not Half!

When they move like this over "suck the wellies off you" holding ground I think they are a little bit special.  He's flashy, kind, genuine and yip, no idea why, still here...

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chamfron Westminster - 22 Months Old

Completely roughed off but still very handsome!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Chamfron By Dand - Rising 5.

Two lovely snaps of Owen, look the sun is shining all over Scotland today!!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Tale of the Hay Turtle...

We have carried on with the theme of the poor abused Hay Turtle on the studs Facebook page, yesterday we put out an impassioned plea for people to save him as he reached the brink of extinction.  You know the sort of thing, act now, donate just three pounds a month and no I won't be sending you a cuddly toy.  Today the weather closed in on the Hay Turtle, he succumbed to the snow and gave up the fight but he didn't go without his moment of fame, oh no.

Firstly Callum Rae let us know what happened next - 

"Whilst out surveying this morning... I happened to stumble across this defenceless hay turtle, it would seem that the horses, having recently received news that their 10th cousin had ended up in a value pack of beef lasagne  had needed an outlet for their anger. 

They devoured his home in seconds and left him to freeze in the snow. Every cloud has as silver lining and certainly this massive buzzard.. who happened to be in the area did not miss the opportunity of bagging a turtle for its wall.. 

I managed to snap this photo before running to my car in fear of being taken myself..."

Then ITV Borders got in touch to ask if they could use my "great snow pics" on their website.  Of course I presumed it was the one of Arrayan cantering with Mark through pristine snow, showing his fabulous temperament and quality.  "Sure" I said just make sure Chamfron Stud is credited.  "Of Course" they said and they did.  Therefore you can imagine my absolute hysterics when I went to the website to see in fact they too were worried about the plight of the poor Hay Turtle... may he Rest in Peace!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Bonus Hay.

Picked up fifty bales of small bale hay from Lockerbie the other day, their horses wouldn't eat it but our forage inspector declared it good to go.  So like a scene from a David Attenborough documentary (one of the monsoon ones, not the drought ones obviously) Mark set off.  "As the Hay Turtle makes its valiant battle to the ocean, the predators sweep into attack it.  The rare Mulus Suspicious lurks just out of shot ready to deliver the fatal blow"

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Snow's Back!

Wet snow that seems to have come in on a decent breeze as the photo of the barn shows, the barn doors were all shut.  The birds were happy to pose while we had a restorative warming (not very healthy) breakfast!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gordian Knot's foals.

Tammy is another mare we have had since weaning and you wouldn't find a kinder sweeter mare anywhere.  She hasn't been the most prolific producer but all her foals have her temperament and love people, the sort that gather fans wherever they go.  

Her first foal Chamfron By Dand by Exbury Ghost has been shown including Male Champion at the Scottish Appaloosa show, he is now under saddle and will be competing this year.  His owner came back and bought his little sister Chamfron Firefly, same nature, same big movement.  The foal in between was Chamfron Viscacha by Arrayan Numa, she is also under saddle and no surprise to see she's been super kind and trainable too.

Tammy is back in foal to Arrayan for a full sibling to Viscacha in 2013.

La Reine de Rome's foals.

We have owned Bridget since she was a weanling and she's one of the mares that has produced foals by both the stallions.  Her first foal Chamfron Compostela (by Exbury Ghost) is a super filly, athletic, kind, super trainable, a very easy horse to like.  If she has one fault it is that she does not have the uber robust feet needed for this wet farm.  Taking that into account we have since bred Bridget to Arrayan Numa (Criollo) and she has produced Malambo, Mimosa and Yolanda.  They are just cracking types, athletic, smart and good looking, probably too bright to make "happy hackers" but they should be really exciting under saddle with competitive riders.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Carter Bar's foals.

Mable likes to throw us little carbon copies really, her foals have all been by Exbury Ghost so genetically they can only be chestnut and spotty.  They all have the same temperament too, sense of humour larger than themselves as weanlings (they tend to be quite little) then they shoot away as yearlings and turn into really useful sorts.  

Shesa Perfect Zippo's foals.

Ruby our Quarter Horse mare has been a brilliant producer for us, the interesting thing is we are getting less white every year.  Her first foal is Marco Polo, he has four white socks, the big blaze and the blanket.  Chipita came next she has three socks, a blaze and is a near leopard.  Caramia is a leopard spot with a stripe, Parador has a teeny star and a sprinkle of white on his rump and Kahlua... well Kahlua is bay!!!  All Ruby's foals are by our Appaloosa stallion Exbury Ghost.

Family Resemblance?

Just playing around with Apps for the Mac and making a few collages, this one is Arrayan Numa (Criollo Stallion) and four of his foals (Chamfron Rufina, Aguacero, Yolanda and Paloma).  I don't think there is much doubt he stamps his stock!