Thursday, 25 September 2008

SSSC Results and one less horse!!!

Chamfron Nagasha finished off his very successful 2008 showing season with a second at the Scottish Supreme Showing Championships at Ingliston Equestrian Centre. He has had seven outings this year and has never been out of the first three, including four wins, two at County level.  

He will now be having a well earned holiday with his dam Kofi. Well done Steve and Bob!

Dorey has been sold and went to Puddledub Stud today where she will be covered by Bollin Terry in 2009.

Monday, 22 September 2008

End of the season!

Last tournament of the season this weekend, Saturday at Border Reivers, where Marks team won and then Sunday at Perth where they were beaten by half a goal.  The weather was lovely, the ground a little on the soft side!

Arrayan has had a great first season as a 4yo, winning Best Playing Pony at the Perth Spring Tournament and playing well all season.  He's been a complete gent to take out, covering before and after polo with no ill effects on his attitude.  A small tank, he loves to ride off.  He will be out for Chukkas on Wednesday night and then a well deserved holiday until Christmas time.

Upa has been a lovely horse to have, adding some height and speed to the string.  He will be heading back to Wales soon and we are very grateful to Sian and Sebastian for letting us have him for the season.

Pitufa, came back after a short holiday stronger and better than before this season, she really is a super pony.  No hunting for her this year so she'll be sporting the wild and wooly look by next weekend!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Molly in action!!!

Molly winning the Mares maiden at Friarshaugh point to point before retiring to stud, thanks for the photo guys!

Haven't been blogging much as we have a very sick foal, Gordon is doing his best furry skeleton impression and is rather poorly, so we have been nowhere and seen nobody!!!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Weekend Round Up!

Well it rained so hard on Saturday that polo at Edinburgh was cancelled and Steve and Bob stayed at home with Tizzy.  Sunday dawned a little brighter and Edinburgh kindly let us play, it didn't do their pitch any favours at all!!!  Borders won the low goal tournament and Arrayan was very pleased to get a  winners bonus from Thom Bell.... 

.... A late girlfriend to round of the breeding season, ex high goal, she previously played for the Black Bears, fingers crossed she takes!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Job of the week - Sheep photographer to the stars...

In between the thunder storms on Tuesday I went to photograph Lenice's Shetland Sheep (... lots for sale, leave a comment if you would like contact details)  

Some sheep are prima donnas and pose beautifully

and this lad too...

Some were more obstreperous 

But we got them done and I managed to stay dry!!!  I am always available to photograph for websites, sales catalogues or just a record of your stock and breeding program.  Contact me through the photography website for an hourly rate!!

Monday, 1 September 2008

One more for 2009....

Scanned five mares today (well no thats not true, we brought five in to scan and one was so rank in season we thought we'd save £20 and just not bother)

And one was in foal....

Liz has re-absorbed, I'm gutted.

Zappa has "something" but probably not a viable pregnancy (re-scan in ten days.)

Dorey is not in foal.

Molly is in foal to Nico, due the 19th of July 2009

Rather a nasty anti climax to the end of the season.