Sunday, 25 July 2021

Chamfron Updates

So this weekend Bellini went away to Dressage camp and Natalie said "Bellini was a total superstar. You would never know she's not been off the island for years.  To be told your mare has the potential to go advanced medium, psg level, brings tears to my eyes after 18 months of rehab and training to get her back fit the the level she was at before lameness."  Colorado had an outing to the 30k at Sheep park, Black Isle, good heart rates all round considering the conditions and another Best condition award.  I should also add that Ojo de Tigre had his first outing to Trec last month, a big learning curve but he looked enthusiastic and enjoyed the camp and competition.

The Haining in the sunshine

Probably a thirty degree shift in temperature from our last visit over six months ago and this time we spotted the statue of Old Ginger, father to the Dandie Dinmont breed.  A plaque had also been placed at the Clootie tree which explains it is a commemoration to those who have died from suicide.  When we were last at the Haining I did a Covid update and I feel I should now as we went to "Level Zero" on Monday in Scotland and England had "Freedom Day" where restrictions on social distancing and wearing masks were lifted there.  The reality is I have not a clue what is going on these days, I think cases are still reasonably high but hospital admissions and deaths are low (due to vaccinations).  I am now double vaccinated, still working from home (but allowed on farm) and still having to wear a mask in shops.

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Cross country outings

Chamfron Compostela had her first cross country outing and six year old Chamfron Almendra is also looking fairly smart over a fence despite having come out of polo training only a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday, 17 July 2021

The Big Hare Trail

So we went on the hunt for some Big Hares around North Berwick, ten larger than life hares have been placed around the town to raise money for the local hospice, Leuchie House.  Craig's favourite was the golfing hare who had been signed by the players at the recent Scottish Open and mine was Race the Wind, the hare that showed the local countryside from the perspective of the hare, low and crouched in the grass.  I may have been swayed by the weasel!  Others included a nod to the popularity of wild swimming and it's benefits to mental health during lock down and Hair brained which took inspiration from the nervous system.

Monday, 12 July 2021

Chamfron Shenanigans

Favourite photos from this week include Tizona tent pegging, Chaco playing grass chukkas for the first time, Milano going to his first ODE and Bellini and Colorado posing beautifully.

Sunday, 11 July 2021

European Stone Stacking Championships

"I'll have a quiet night at work and be good to go in the morning" rapidly changed to "make pumps six" a large tenement fire and no sleep but undaunted we headed off to Dunbar for the European Stone Stacking Championships.  They got lucky with the weather once more and while we initially scoffed at some "it's stone stacking not stone dumping" efforts we soon had to eat our words as people clearly showed why they are artistic and we are not...