Sunday, 31 May 2009

More photos!!

For more shots of the polo on Saturday at Border Reivers click here!

Saturday, 30 May 2009


A gorgeous summers day for Will's fifth annual tournament, at Border Reivers polo club.

We were parked up opposite the pavilion today which made for some great photos.  Deck chair and picnic, very relaxing!!  Both ponies played well today but the team was beaten, so its a nice early start in the morning for the losers final tomorrow!

I missed another great neck shot today (again straight towards me, 20 yards away...!!) but I did get this one....  Just as Mark screamed "Foul"!!

Monday, 25 May 2009


This is a drawing of Arrayan done by animal artist Caroline Howlett (aka "PetNanny") - the photo just doesn't do it justice, the attention to detail is outstanding and we are very impressed.  Please check out Caroline's other work - click here!

If you are considering getting a portrait done of any of your animals we recommend Caroline totally - say we sent you!!!

Busy, busy, busy!!

Been a busy old weekend here, polo at Edinburgh on Saturday and Sunday.  I think Saturday is better left as a blurry memory deadened by alcohol.  Much improved game on Sunday with the team just losing one match and winning the other.

I'd like you to imagine the perfect neck shot photo - pony heading directly towards me, whippy stick just ready to wrap right around, ball about to fly directly right... keep imagining it, I missed it, it was a second after this one!!!  Arghhhhhhhhh.

Caught in the act... This is why he is watched like a hawk.  Honestly he'd be more likely to eat grass if he got his bridle off but just incase he went "courting" he is well supervised!

Monday saw us up bright and breezy to see Tizzy at Northumberland show in glorious sunshine.  He behaved really well and was fifth in a strong hunter youngstock class.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Ooops!  (Click to enlarge)

Polo both days on the weekend, with Borders playing against a Newcastle University team, who were the resounding winners 6 - 3.  

For all the other photos - click here.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Tentatively Excited...

Lady Erica (to Arrayan Numa) and Lizzie of Larchmont (to Exbury Ghost) have scanned in foal at 22 days.  Obviously very early days, especially for Liz who is 24 years old this year but both mares are looking well so far.  It took me ten minutes to catch Liz as she bounced around me bucking and squealing  (teaching the "furry children" bad habits!!) so she's obviously feeling good.

Photo of Erica to make up for the fact that she doesn't have her own webpage yet!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

University Polo at Border Reivers.

Players from St Andrews and Stirling played against Newcastle at Border Reivers on Wednesday afternoon.  More photos available to view - click here!

Hooning foals!!

Photo overload as the yearlings get out of the barn for the summer!

Amber - Now i am one!!!

Amber (aka "Chamfron Snow Angel") who was a year old on the 6th of May

Amber head shots!!

A rather wooly Amber with a very wild mane!

Cherry at 19 months.

I had been waiting until Cherry lost the furry nosed wombat look but I thought these shots showed what a nice horse she is turning into and if you look closely you can see her changing colour - she has a lot of white up her stifles and also over her bum.  She was supposed to be solid - not for long!

And a less flattering shot!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

It's not that wet.....

Well its the middle of May you would think that even here it would be safe to roll the paddocks, yes?

My what a big tractor you have!  (kindly lent by Andrew, as dearest Layla the Leyland wouldn't make it through the mud in the gateways)

Do I need to roll round you?  

Ah look at that - just LOVELY....

Ah no perhaps not then!  And if you think this was a one of you are kidding yourself!!  

Oh joy, oh happiness!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

English vs Scottish Hunts.

After some furious bicycle polo won by the Percy the English vs Scottish Hunts polo match was won by England  4 - 3 (so on handicap difference)  I think this is their first win in three years?

Can you tell the first chukka was a little damp?

Charlie sat out most of the third chukka - the photo shows why - this is the moment his mare slipped and lost her shoe and her back boots! 

Arrayan and Pitufa played well, though Pitufa spent most of the day in her fleece and heavy weight Fal rug, sighing and shuddering every time someone walked past.  To be fair so did the Argentine club pro, Bertie - first plane back to the warmth anyone?

Arrayan got told off after the first chukka - he rubs his bridle off, quicker than a greased weasel, today he got it caught in his ears and pulled back breaking his lead rope as well.  So he sought sympathy with everyone else....

"Hello, have I told you she beats me..."

"She doesn't feed me either..."

"And there are never enough weeman..."

Poor neglected pony!!!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Chamfron Monte Carlo

Photo of Monte as a yearling at Karen's stud - Meikle Obney

Now a gelding and looking very well!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Another dry day on Sunday for chukkas at Border Reivers, which went well.  Andrew played his first ever grass polo and is now more than likely, descending on the slippery slope of polo addiction and large overdraft!  Sebastian and Andrew have joined Border Reivers with the plan being to come up and play some tournaments over the season.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Chukkas at Edinburgh!

After a bit of an Asado last night complete with exploding concrete missiles we went up to Edinburgh today to play chukkas.  Sebastian played four chukkas using Pitufa and Fatima so that he could get his handicap and start playing tournaments.

Absolutely thrilled with this photo!

Mark played Arrayan for two chukkas and was very pleased with how he went.

Covet Karina's mare - big time!!  Flashy criollo!