Monday, 29 December 2008

Better late than never!!!

On Christmas Eve Mark Dysoned  the cable for the Mac - that was obviously fairly disastrous - I had no computer fix and Mark says he will never Hoover again - B*gger!!!

So incase anyone was thinking that the annual ritual humiliation of the horses did not happen - fear not!!!

Arrayan "Santa" Numa

Pitufa - "I will not eat this foreign muck, poison, poison"

Quinton - when you're threatened with Potters as often as I am, you wear the Santa hat and you smile - lots"!!!!

My Christmas present from Mark was a Necklace in the shape of a Chamfron from the Celtic Goldsmith

My gift to mark was a pair of polo boots in his favorite leather (Shhhhh don't tell Treacle).....


Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Just a reminder that Norad tracks Santa.....

Its been fairly quiet on the farm, Upa has headed South back to his owners Sian and Sebastian, at their new farm in Cheshire.  We had a great weekend delivering him and being wined and dined by S&S.  We both coveted another little Criollo mare, called Fatama, but the budget doesn't stretch to her for the moment!!  Sian and Sebastian have just bought Arrayan's full brother, so we look forward to meeting him when he arrives.

The foals are all well, they are now certified Yanks and have just been drawn by Andrew the vet for their British passports.  Stela helpfully "collected" all the paperwork for Andrew, carried it round the pen and then when she wasn't getting enough attention she ate it!  Someone's papers are going to be rather soggier than the others.

The have all had their feet done again, as per usual Stela bounces up and down going "Me me meeeeeeeee, do MY feet."  Marco likes to supervise all work carried out very carefully with his nose over Marks shoulder.  Amber picks up the tools and hands them to Mark, occasionally getting her swing wrong and giving Stela a dig in the ribs with the rasp - cue filthy looks from Stel.  Gordon endures - complete with sighs.  They are all so different but a lot of fun and very very funny.  

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas from Chamfron Stud!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Back to mud and misery.....

So I thought some nice cheery photos of the Christmas decorations instead....

What do you mean we're not classy?

Spotty botts at Christmas!

A very fine tree indeed!

Only eleven more sleeps to go......

So to get you in the mood - Dominic the Italian Donkey

Then Santa's a Scotsman! (well of course he is!!!)

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Like Bambi on Ice.....

About 3pm yesterday we started to thaw - fast.....
About 6pm we froze again....
Hugely entertaining stuff, this is the driveway, yes it is sheet ice....

All very funny until someone lands on  pile of unfrozen whippet shite....

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Arrayan Photo Extravaganza....

There is a line of thought on the internet that says if you market your stallion you should only ever photograph it in show condition, immaculate and stood up perfectly in a classic conformation pose....

We on the other hand like to show our boys having fun, fat and furry on their winter holidays!  

Snow photos - Part 2

Furry hat weather!

Strangely matching - a man and his dog!

Silks - refuting earlier allegations!

Snowy morning..... (a few photos)

Aussie cattle dog..... some dogs get Bondi Beach, how come I got the Blue Mountains?

Quinton - Not afraid of the big bad tractor or the rolling bale - "Grubs up lads"

I keep telling Mark his polo pony is shrinking - look she's pocket sized!!!!!

Whippets don't "do" snow - Silks cockroaching next to the radiator.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Magical Mule....

Dear Mule Lovers, 

I am frosty, please send donations for a rug, mum says I have one but I don't need it.  For mules sake look at me, I am like a popsicle.

Mum says I am "magical" - I would rather be warm.  I have a white mane and tail and my fur is like tinsel, sparkling in the sun.

I am comfort eating

Love Treacle