Saturday, 27 February 2010

BApS Photo Show.

When I heard that Caroline (Animal Artist) was painting the champion of the BApS photo show I thought I better have a wee go and enter a few photos, sadly we didn't get the big prize which went to Amy Mahon with her leopard spot Sebastian, lucky, lucky, lucky, she'll love her painting but we did win a couple of classes and placed in the rest.

Marco won the foal class and was second in the best head shot.

Arrayan won the best "other breed"

Cherry and the mule were third in the best action shot, Liz was fourth in the best blanket (sadly no geriatric class!!)  Su was fourth in the most amusing and Treacle was sixth in the best pet (actually think Bandit the ferret was robbed in that class!!) 

All the results and photos can be seen here - BApS photo show.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Colour testing time!

We decided to test Nico (Exbury Ghost, our appaloosa stallion) to see if he was carrying the grey gene.  Realistically we knew with his breeding and his previous progeny he couldn't be but its nice to be able to confirm that he has been tested by Animal Genetics UK and he does not carry the gene for grey and will not produce a grey foal unless he is bred to a grey mare.  

Sample Ref: 779/0582
Horse Name: "Exbury Ghost"
Grey test result: gg - Negative - horse is a non carrier of the dominant
grey/fading gene, and will not produce greying foals unless bred to a grey

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bald around the edges!

What a difference five minutes with the clippers makes!

Contrary to yesterdays evidence he does not have a head like a furry bucket and looks somewhat more classy having lost the three inches of mane and beard!  However we do not clip off the mustache which Arrayan grows at the start of the breeding season as he says it wows the ladies...

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back to work!

"Holy shit" says Arrayan "the holiday is over"

Desperately in need of a firm haircut and a bit (Ok a lot...) of toning up but definitely back on form and enjoying his work.

Photographers lesson learnt though - the wee camera is no good as I have to be too close to the action.  In this case being too close to the action involved stopping the ball with my shin and squealing quite a lot.  I didn't quite drop to the ground but I did hop a fair bit.  At least I'm getting a great lump and a decent bruise... nothing worse than pain and no evidence!

Bed and Breakfast?

"Oh my", says mule, "She better not have snuffed it in my hay"

Ellie and Treacle enjoying the sun as we have yet another glorious week of dry weather in Dumfriesshire - just thought I'd mention it as I have no doubt we'll be back to moaning about the incessant rain and thigh high mud soon!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Scruffy but rather cute!

This is why it takes forever to do the mucking out, 'foals' hamming it up for the camera!

Kisses for the dog!

Malambo, so bullet hard he can fight off Colin without bothering to get up!

Love is sharing your Jolyball!

Frumpy Pregnant Pony!

With fifty days to her due date Erica is making her feelings on pregnancy clear!!


Days like this make the winter so much shorter!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Chamfron Marco Polo at 20 months.

Just a few snaps we took of Marco today, he is a June 2008 foal and still entire.  Looking very well and not as small as Mark makes him look!!

We still have his full 2009 sister for sale, which I am amazed about as she is gorgeous and a real sweet heart

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fluffy foals learning about cows!!

Our foals live in a forty foot round pen over the winter, bedded down with a round bale of haylage in, from there they can watch the world going by.  Today the cows were coming in to be wormed and for some calves to be weaned.  Lots of banging (modern the crush is not!) and lots of shouting goes on!

I have no idea why Chipita looks like a midget racing whippet in this photo as she is nearly as big as Malambo and built like a tank!

Chip says "my I'm glad I'm not a calf!"  Colin shakes his head and says "at least you are a girl"

Arrayan offered his services for roping some calves but then snoozed when he was rejected!

Colin looks on horrified as Chip steals his carrot.

There were still cows going through the crush but the foals soon got bored and went back to eating, a wee snack before an afternoon snooze.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Quest Spirit Dancer

Dusky is a rising four year old by Nico.

Her owner Donna says she is very laid back and it doesn't matter how often she is ridden - what a super youngster!