Monday, 28 June 2021

Lady's Walk

We decided on a trip out to Bowhill today, not realising until later that our last visit was exactly a year ago.  This time it was a gentle stroll along the Lady's Walk which follows the Yarrow River to Newark Castle.  We also stumbled on a little hut with a view out to the Castle and intricate wood work inside. 

Sunday, 27 June 2021

Paloma visit

I've been looking for a trailer for Spider so when Alison said she was upgrading hers I jumped at the chance and while we were picking it up I got to see Paloma and even have a wee shot on her which was absolutely lovely.  

Duck, jump and dressage

Colorado is carefully negotiating some very tight tunnels out hacking, Milano is enjoying his showjumping outings and By Dand has been out dressaging today - winning the bitless class with 69.9% and actually competing bridleless. 

Sunday, 20 June 2021

Yester Castle and the Goblin Ha'

Today's walk was to Yester castle near Gifford,  The castle was built on the orders of Sir Hugo De Gifford. who was nicknamed ‘The wizard of Yester’ due to the mysterious rituals he carried out in dungeons below the castle.  Due to Sir Hugo’s supernatural dabbling, it is rumoured that demonic forces helped with the construction of the building, in particular the vaulted Goblin Ha' which remains pretty much intact and accessible via a dark passageway.  There is also a stairwell which heads deeper underground and it nicknamed the "gateway to Hell".  Supposedly haunted, definitely fascinating, not sure I'd of been entirely comfortable in there on my own... in the dark!! 

Chamfron Colorado - Competitive endurance

Jessica and Cody had their first competitive endurance ride today - he got his first Bronze Buckle qualifier, a gold heart rate and was awarded best condition as well.

Summer Solstice steps (2)

So, at some point it was logical to count my milage and steps from summer solstice to summer solstice, the reasoning behind it completely escapes me now though!  Anyway, last year I did 1443 miles and 3,330,744 steps outside (riding or walking), this year I worked from home and our only hobby during months of restrictions was the "lockdown walk".  

So this year I did 2064 miles which equated to 4,960,345 steps, my biggest day was actually Christmas day where I did 27,440 steps / 11 miles and my biggest month was April 2021 for 505,806 steps and 215 miles.  I challenged myself to walk at least ten thousand steps a day on the 1st of May 2020 and since then I have missed two days in January and two days in February.  

This has successfully capped the weight gain to the point if I lay on a beach I'd resemble a stranded porpoise, not a Baird's whale (... for the moment)!  Now I have an Apple watch so all my steps will be recorded and there is no excuse for not breaking the five million steps mark over the next twelve months.

Sunday, 13 June 2021

More outings

Prickle has had eventing runs at Foresterseat and Hopetoun and Aggie had her second endurance outing in Selkirk today, I popped down to see her and Kirsten which was lovely.  On course photo with thanks to James Donald.

Saturday, 12 June 2021

The Hirsel in Colour

We walked around the pond at the Hirsel today and admired the Rhododendrons which are in full bloom and a sea of colour.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Dressage ponies

Bellini is reserve champion at Elementary level in online dressage and after time off recuperating from injury she went out and competed in her first Medium test with Immy Tolley, gaining 66% and fourth place (she was also second in the elementary with 69%).  Milano was out at Cherwell today doing a lovely relaxed test for 67.3% and fourth place.