Saturday, 12 April 2008

Arrayan's first outing.

Well after a 5am start and a nice drive through snow (hello its APRIL) we got upto Cousland this morning.

Quick warm up in the indoor arena with LOTS of mirrors - Arrayan spending a good five minutes going "Hey, you are one sexy looking beast!!!"

Into the arena and I worked on the basis of if you can't be effective, sit still and smile....

For 68% and third place.

Then he aquired a girlfriend and off out we dashed for the 16Km ride, so he's now hacked with a strange mare, gave her a lead over a miniscule jump, and through the river. Excellent in traffic, never even looked the wrong way at another horse... VERY PLEASED

We fairly flew along, but a little detour (we were not lost!!!!) meant a time of just under 9Km an hour. Still, can't complain, he's far from fit and he came back with a lower heart rate than he started.

Fabulous first outing for a 4yo stallion - if anything he's too quiet and nobody realised he was entire!!!

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