Friday, 20 March 2009

We moved the old boys onto the spring grazing today and Hector immediately gravitated to the best bog ('tis the irish in him!!) He found a friend...

To go frog giggin' with!

Ellie was showing why she was such a good Dumfriesshire hunter - up to the hocks in mud!

... and doing her impression of a Camargue pony!

No rest for the wicked though and the polo ponies were out and doing a bit of work.

I jumped on Arrayan to cool him off and as I was holding a stick I was trying some back hands as we went along.  Mark helpfully walked behind us, kicking the ball back to my stick so I didn't have to keep turning.  All was going well, I cracked a good shot, Mark kicked it back... total home goal - right up Arrayan's backside.  I think its a fair testament to the Criollo temperament that we are not still heading for Uruguay!!!

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