Saturday, 13 March 2010

One away

Chamfron Colorado has left to go to his new home, he's only going ten minutes down the road though so we will see plenty of him.

This was him at a day old, he was sporting more of the furry yak look when he left!!


mj said...

OH MY GOSH!!! By some chance are your horses related to Medicine Man Ranch (Richard McDonald) Zips Strawsam standing at stud in Camp Verde, Arizona, USA? We were his next door neighbors and he was raising some beautiful babies. Is your stallion related?

Laura said...

Interestingly their stallion and ours are distantly related, with them both having "Roman Straw Man" a few generations back. We also have a AQHA mare who is by Perfect Execution, who is by Zippo Pine Bar, so her foals will be (vaguely!) similarly bred to Zips Strawsam MMR. They have some lovely horses, I'll keep an eye on their website, nice to see someone else with so many red heads!!

Offley Hoo said...

Is that what mine is too - a redhead?

I don't think he is typical of a ginger top, well not the human ones I've met anyway, he is too calm!