Monday, 31 May 2010

Northumberland Show 2010.

Another gorgeous sunny day at Northumberland show, first up was Chamfron Kukri who is a year old in a few days time. I thought he looked super and he was very well behaved for his first outing, including his first trip in a trailer since leaving here. He was pulled in fifth initially but ended up unplaced in what appeared to be a strong class of eleven yearlings and where some of the show produced horses towered above him (and he's not small!)

Chamfron Nagasha, who won here as a yearling, was placed third today in the three year olds due to being rather "on his toes". A photo of him being cheeky as the one where he was really moving out was blurry (I know, no excuse!!)

We were coveting the following cob, named Bright Spark II, isn't he just lovely? We were struck how similar his head and eyes were to Arrayan's.

Roan ponies will take over the world....!

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