Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 Round up!

Its been a funny old year hasn't it!!

The good... Another crop of healthy, happy foals. We only had four foals and were thrilled with the quality this year. Caramia has left for her new home, settled in well and should be a star in the show ring next year. We have nine mares of our own scanned in foal for 2011 and have some quality visiting mares in foal to the two stallions as well. We are also aware of what good friends, neighbours, customers and suppliers we have!

The bad... Well we tightened our belts, we didn't compete but we have got to the end of 2010 with our retired horses happily eating in the field (all apart from Cheeko, Marks old showjumper who colicked back in March) and the odd glass of wine still passing our impoverished lips!

The ugly... Well plenty of time to spend on the internet looking at websites and horses for sale gave a telling insight into so many other studs breeding practices and as times got harder some people clearly had the morals of sewer rats! Mind its good to see how people deal in the hard times so you can see who you want to do business with in the good times!!

The VAT increase and no doubt the diesel prices going up again will cause us to weep and moan in January but spring will be round the corner and in less than four months time we should be back in the barn foaling down the next crop. Roll on 2011!



Sherry Sikstrom said...

Always good to look at tha year behind us , and prepare for the year ahead, a little older a little wiser , but with all the enthusiasm we can muster.
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! What will 2011 bring I wonder. I look forwards to the new foals arriving.

Amber Goins-Finley said...

I have to agree, this economy has far raised the bar in who I want to do business with. As my generation is only now seeing their first hard time I am happy to know, who my friends are, who is being true to their word, and who is doing business as it should be.

enjoying your post.