Friday, 30 November 2012

Oooooo Tumble Drier!

You would think that being on the worlds wettest farm we'd of splashed out on a drier before wouldn't you?  Instead we kind of fell into the Comet sale last night looking for a blender and ended up with Mark squashed in the front of Gretchen (the Dodge) practically hugging a tumble drier with no reverse, first or second gear.  

Today the comfort rats offered to test it out as while they weren't malodorous they were slightly grubby.  They were a little nervous but off they went in the camper van to go surfing.  Theodore got wipped out by a big wave ("I'm not waving, I'm drowning"!) resulting in  CPR followed with a soothing spell in the sauna.  

After a wee tipple in front of a roaring fire, they headed off back to bed, lighter, fluffier and fragrant.


cheyenne jones said...

The Clangers, comes to mind.

peg said...

Laura your sketch on comfort rats was a hoot so realistic
Found it very entertaining. Laughing all the way to bed.