Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Chamfron Deja Vu weaned

The yard thawed for ten minutes yesterday so we whizzed Deja Vu up to the stables and weaned her.  Her dam, in all honesty, is not broodmare of the centuary.  She currently looks like a beef bull, Mark asked when she was due and was a little surprised to hear she is empty for 2013, she keeps everything for herself.  The foals however grow on to be nice yearlings and super useful two and three year olds.  They've all gone to "using" homes and are getting on well, so what to do?  The plan is to breed Mable back to Nico for a much earlier 2014 foal and reassess, the other option would be to breed her to Arrayan for a more robust (ie demanding!) foal.  We will see.  The other foals in the meanwhile are kicking back and waiting for breakfast.

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Mary Ann said...

Deja Vu is a beauty, but the second picture made me chuckle!