Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Detachable Tow Bars

Max and Tilley should have gone home today but unluckily, or perhaps very luckily, the detachable tow bar on Annie's Landrover... detached!  There have been several similar cases over the summer in Scotland and having seen them publicised on Facebook Annie had her tow bar checked out - apparently it was fine!?  The good news was the trailer had a domestic with the truck and threw itself into a patch of brambles before grinding to a halt only half a mile from us and in a perfect spot.  No horses on board and no other vehicles involved, phew.  Many many more dramatic tales of these towbars here - Detachable Tow Bars 

It has also been a reminder that the breakaway cable needs to go on the attachment point on the vehicle if it has one and we should stop slinging it over the tow bar like we did in our yoof!

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