Friday, 12 June 2015

Lovely day

All the foals are now out together enjoying this spell of lovely weather, I managed to grab a lightning quick snap of Bridget with her daughter and her grandson from across the field.  The foals are also half siblings, both by Arrayan Numa.

Cactus is here for a fortnights tune up while his owner enjoys herself in the Alps, the plan being to get his neck reining a bit more polished and to work on his canter.  His owner Sarah needs to be able ride him with not too much effort and no real muscle strength so he is to go up and down his paces on a click and we will be aiming for more of a western jog than a fancy floaty trot.

The latest arrival is Sydney the arab, here all the way from Aberdeen to be broken in.  First impressions are excellent, he is proving sensible and he's so pretty he'll be a dream to photograph.

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