Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Well 2015 has ended up a wee bit stressful!  Mark has been in hospital since before Christmas which is a huge shock as he is never ill, so what have we found out (in no particular order!)  Firstly that if you are going to get ill Dumfriesshire isn't a bad place to do it, I'm not sure we would have got the level and speed of care anywhere else.  Secondly, we have good friends, you know who you are, thank you.   Thirdly one of us has to (wo)man up and stop being wet about driving the tractor (first lesson Monday, I'm scared already) though everyone has been unbelievably kind about moving haylage for me (and sorry you're not off the hook yet!)  And for the moment, Lastly, I can't do all these horses on my own but I can ask for help and I can do my best and thats good enough.  Interestingly I've lost some much needed weight, toned up and my back feels brilliant for it so there is always a silver lining in every somewhat crappy cloud...

Which brings me onto my annual moan about the weather, it was a bit wet again, we were humoured by a dry October which was very nice but November and December have been the pits.  That said we are not flooded like so many and for that we are grateful.  

So foals - wow the 2015 crop was a belter!  A few of these guys have viewings booked for January but some don't and they are starting to feel a wee bitty sad about it.  So if your New Years resolution is to add some Criollo to your life it's a resolution you could keep!

To the Chamfron owners, I am proud of what you achieved in 2015 and I know 2016 is going to be very exciting!  Have a lovely New Year and lets hope 2016 is a good one for us all.

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Mo said...

That sounds like good advice Laura " Forget your 2016 holiday and buy a Criolla foal". After all the foal will last longer and give year on year delight and success.!