Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What would you tell your younger self about grief?

Inspired by a blog by "What's your grief?" the idea of what would you tell your younger self about grief (theirs has natty cartoons, I don't have an artistic bone in my body but I probably have them beat on black humour)

1) People will say to you it will make you a better person, it will.  You are still justified in wanting to stab anyone who utters those words.  Bonus points if the only thing they have lost is their cat.

2) Grief is brutally physical, no one tells you that.  Your teeth are going to cost you a lot of money but he'd be so impressed at your dentist bravery.  As an aside, having your mouth swabbed out with iodine is a really unpleasant experience.

3) It will be the most fantastic people watching exercise of your life.  People will live up to your expectations, both good and bad.  You will wish he could see who was incredible and who you were right about.

4) Your situation was unusual, only a couple of people will have any concept of how much you lost along with Mark.

5) It isn't flattering, the offers you will get being single in your forties will tick at least two of the following boxes, very overweight, old enough to be your grandfather, tragically thick, married.

6) You will be OK.


Val Ewing said...

Thank you for this and for the link. Grief is overwhelming. It physically hurts inside.
What would I tell my younger self? I was told "It's okay, it was Time" or some other platitudes that always made me question higher beings.
I would have told my younger self, -- be prepared, it hurts.

Cindy said...

What would I have told my younger self? I would have said that loss of a loved one tears you up spits you out and leaves you utterly and completely devastated.... But, when you have finished the journey, you will find more appreciation, be filled with more love and compassion you ever dreamed possible. Hugs, and remember that this too will pass.

Laura said...

Thanks :-)