Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Facebook Rant!!

I may have said this before...!!  Another "dodgy dealer" article shared and while I am of course well aware that there are plenty of "dodgy" dealers I once again struggle to find any sympathy for the people involved, stop facilitating them!

If you think you can buy a saint like horse suitable for a complete novice for less than £1500 - you are part of the problem.  Budget more for the horse and more for the ongoing help you ARE going to need as a complete novice.

If you sell your injured / temperamental / old horses as broodmares / companions for less than meat money - you are a big part of the problem.  PUT THEM DOWN, at home, put your hand in your pocket and do the right thing.

You are not rescuing - when you hand over money for a sad, thin horse with crap feet don't think you are Mother Teresa, you've allowed that dealer to put food on their table while shoving two fingers up at the breeders / sellers doing it right.

Use google, no seriously, actually use it.  Don't think you are special, don't think you know enough to get one up on someone with a horrendous reputation.  If you then buy a horse and post the whole sorry saga over Facebook then you are nothing but a drama llama and I really wonder about your motivation.

Unfollow these people on Facebook, stop liking their posts.  If you are following a dealer / breeder who constantly has sagas, dead horses, horses for sale cheap because of endless personal problems, falling out with other breeders, perhaps a court case or two and you are commenting "R U OK HUN?" you too are part of the problem!!!

And breathe...


Unknown said...

Quite agree with everything you say.A couple of years or so ago someone posted on a HH forum that t of age.Sound.Quiet.Hacked out safely.Good with the farrier,vet and to load.Capable of most things up to riding club level.£3000.The number of people who responded and said that they would want more POTENTIAL for that money!!

Laura said...

... and its tack and delivered too I guess!!! ;-)

Val Ewing said...

You touched on my pet peeve. Social media and people drama queens this goes too for equine and all other animals I see posted about! Thanks for this.

Laura said...

You can tell my rant has been brewing for a while can't you Val?!! :-)