Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017's slightly dull round up!

The first year without Chamfron Stud and almost another year on.  It has been a quiet year, I didn't work this summer, I slept, ate well, walked the dog, rode my pony and had coffee with friends, without being too fluffy I think I needed that time to heal.  In January a friend would tell me I had lost the haunted look and at some point during the year I stopped having to say "you know, I have absolutely no idea where I was going with that conversation..." as my brain started to claw its way back to normality!  There is no doubt I am not where I want to be career wise though at the moment my commute is seven minutes long, I park at the door and can wear Matalan jeggings to work so it isn't without its perks!  I've seen one job that really excited me and another that had all my friends emailing me saying "this has your name all over it" and didn't get an interview for either!!  Life feels a bit pointless at the moment and I need to find my courage to do something about that.

The Chamfron horses continue to do well, Bellini has been the star of the year, a four year old with huge potential in the dressage arena.  By Dand got his Bronze Thistle Final and threw down the gauntlet to his younger sister Firefly who is planning to do the same in 2018 (along with the Wobbleberry challenge).  It has been lovely to see some less frequent visitors to the blog popping up,  including Yolanda playing polo.  Dearest Malambo gave me a few sleepless nights but I got it right the second time, he is proving to be a really super hunter who loves his work.  If I am honest updates are starting to wane, as we know life changes and sometimes horses need to take a back seat for a while (three more Chamfron owner babies this year!) but I also think that without the new foals to hold us together enthusiasm for being "Team Chamfron" is lost.

Sir Spidey Uber Fluff continues to make me smile, as a bonus it doesn't rain every bloody day over here in the East so horse ownership isn't a constant trudge of mud and extreme sogginess!  Whippet sleeps and scrounges and isn't too excited by walks these days but he looks well.  The three of us will dander slowly into 2018 with a gin shelf that is groaning after Christmas and see how it all pans out!!

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