Monday, 14 May 2018

The Black Hill - Earlston

The Black Hill over looks the cottage and I've often photographed it as it changes colour through the year.  Its been a glorious day here and as my days off had so far been a bit unproductive (example "I've finished work early on Saturday night I will clean the house" swiftly morphed into "Oooooo Eurovision" pours gin and tonic and looses the next three hours watching mindless TV!) I thought I should take some exercise and head up to the summit.  Easy to find, easy to park and with a good path all the way it was a civilised thirty minute stroll to the top and on a night like this the views of the Borders are surely unrivalled, the wind farm at Soutra being easily visible and the Eildons ever prominent.  

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Cindy said...

Beautiful Pics, sometimes it's nice to enjoy the moment your in instead of adulating. lol