Saturday, 23 February 2019

Back to their roots?

Chamfron Nicobar (aka Prickle) will be heading back to Scotland on Sunday, he is leaving his owner Caroline Clarry and trainer Jodie Amos Eventing and joining Susan Kirkwood where we hope he will have a very exciting evening career.  I may even get to see him out and about.  

Chamfron Marco Polo has also headed back to his roots and is back in Cumbria having joined the Yon family, he already looks happy and settled.  Poor Marco has unfortunately been passed around a fair bit in the last few years and has had more than his fair share of hard times, almost certainly because he was entire.  He does (did!) produce lovely foals as can be seen by the ridden photo of his eldest progeny, Amber Trainer's Pyro but I am thrilled that his previous owners gelded him last year and hope this gives him a change in his fortunes.  I did offer to buy him back and do the deed myself but I am very grateful I didn't have to and he now has a better future.

Some lovely photos on Facebook of Bellini, Colorado and Mojito this week.  All looking fantastic.

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