Sunday, 28 April 2019

Goooo Onnnnn!!!

Took a spin up to Forgandenny today, along with Jude, we provided our own unique motivational support to Sonya who was having her first spin of the season on Millie.  It worked as she got a double clear!

Having spotted an gorgeous bluebell photo at woods just twenty miles further on, on FB this morning, I decided to kick on and go and snap them... First the sat nav (geriatric) sent me ten miles down the motorway, up the slip (by now in utterly spectacular countryside with fabulous light), turn right, 100 yards, down slip, back up motorway for twelve miles... errr. Thirty mins later I am back where I started but I won't be beaten, oh no!  I eventually get to the wood but never find bluebells and I'm not the only one... there is deep suspicion the photo on FB was not taken this year!!!!

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