Sunday, 5 July 2020

Lockdown walks

East Lothian this weekend, walking along the John Muir costal path past the murals and many more painted stones (2020 will be the year people got passionate about painting stones!)  Then another trip to see Dunbear, I'd hoped to see it lit up but although I've seen the odd illuminated bear photo it wasn't last night and it has an unfinished "meh" feel about it.  The Essex based company that installed the solar lighting struggles with the concept of photo copyright as one of my previous blog photos (and one of Craig's) feature proudly on their website...  Today we dodged the showers and headed to Binning Wood.  Lockdown restrictions are lifting in Scotland, no travel restrictions (other than in certain postcodes in Dumfries where there is a cluster of cases) visits to care homes allowed, no social distancing for children, the only new ruling is that face coverings will be mandatory in shops from the 10th of July.  Pubs reopened in England last night, drunk people do not appear to be capable of socially distancing.

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Val Ewing said...

Of course you may know how it is going in the US. But bars are not a good place at all for keeping distant!

Those rocks are cute. I find things like those once in a while but those are adorable.

The last photo...amazing! What I'd give to be there and see that!

Be safe and enjoy.