Sunday, 9 August 2020

Personal challenge

Lockdown has seen a rise in the number of walking challenges, I even found myself drawn to some where you got (I mean, bought) a medal to celebrate reaching targets.  Then I reminded myself my aim is to have less "stuff" and I didn't need some random bling.  The benefits of walking an hour a day are well documented both mentally and physically so beginning in May I planned to walk a minimum of ten thousand steps for a hundred days (a million steps).  However I was working about six paces from the kettle and could hit the end of the working day having hardly moved at all.  I know my phone isn't hugely accurate for milage (it underestimates, honest!) but I'd prefer to be able to judge like for like on last year so I leave my stride length as it is.  I can't lie, in the beginning there was a couple of days where I grudged every single step but there is no doubt I feel better for making the effort.  I've seen deer, foxes, owls, literally hundreds of painted stones and wee nooks and crannies in my corner of Scotland I would never of ventured to normally.  I carried on with a walk from East Linton to Hailes Castle today (day 101!) 


Val Ewing said...

Pretty neat. I haven't really figured out my 'mileage' since March, but I've kept moving.

Of course there is no lockdown here as many wish there was. However finding a remote area to walk can sometimes be hard.

Laura said...

I would imagine you do way more than me, you are always on the move!