Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Covid 19, Lockdown, Life

Today it is the Autumn Equinox and I always feel it is a time for reflection, tomorrow it will be six months since the start of lockdown and we are in a situation where cases are starting to rise again.  The way the statistics are recorded changes on a regular basis and it is near impossible to know what the gravity of the situation actually is, it does rather feel lies, damn lies and statistics to be honest.  There have been more restrictions added today, a 10pm curfew for pubs, no sharing your car with people who don't live with you and no visiting other households, though you can of course meet those same people in the pub, before ten.  The vulnerable have not been asked to shield and the priority is to keep schools open.  It seems convoluted, pointless and relentless now.  Before the additional measures work had already confirmed we would not be back in the office before 2021.  

We've had weekends away, some lovely days out and I've explored around my doorstep more than I ever would of in normal circumstances.  I've spoken to my good friends as often as normal and not heard a peep from others, I've questioned myself a fair bit on other peoples behaviour.

I have, like many, put on weight during lockdown, I fear I am probably too heavy for Spidey but he did manage a squeak and a bounce the other night and he's had a play up the stubbles.  He's been giving the odd riding lesson to little people as well.  He is currently looking particularly handsome having been shorn, it gets earlier every year!!

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Val Ewing said...

Well I wish we'd have some sort of leadership here in the States but everyone seems interested in fighting everything.
Americans sure hate being told what to do for their own good.

I need to get out and ride soon or go nuts!