Sunday, 20 March 2022

Competitive endurance rides

Jessica and Chamfron Colorado had their first 30km competitive ride of the season at Leanachan and achieved SC1 Gold, 11.3kph, HR out 30 HR return 32 and picked up best condition.  They also picked up their end of season rosettes and trophies - Freddie cup - Novice horse up to BTF with the most miles in Argyll.  Scammadale Quaich - most pleasure miles in Argyll.  Dylan’s Trophy - Most Argyll rides ( joint winners with Hazel McCorkindale) and his 250km, 500km and 750km mileage rosettes.  Rebecca and Chamfron By Dand were at Whitelees (the wind farm!).  Heart rate out 37 in 42.  His boot broke but it didn't bother him despite the hardcore tracks.  Averaging about 12kph sc2 gold.  This success was all down to a pre ride training involving regular "wooshing" noises to get used to the turbines!

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