Wednesday, 15 October 2008

All Change!!!

We have had a bit of a swap round on Monday, with Milly and Monty leaving and Cherry arriving.  Cherry is a solid appaloosa yearling filly, bought to be a future polo pony and "wife" for Nico.  This is Cherry legging it across the field....

.... As she was being advanced upon by "baby Stel" - who strongly believes everybody loves her.  She was bouncing along behind Cherry going "hello, hellllloooo, HELLLLLOOOOO" and Cherry was going "run away.... scary manic furball"  

Monty and Millie have settled in well at Meikle Obney Stud and will no doubt be loving the dry ground and better climate.  I may well be eaten up with jealousy if there is a buckskin spotty foal in 2010 though!!!!!

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