Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Oh what exciting lives we lead......

Well I keep getting asked why I haven't blogged.... err its because I lead a boring life!!!

This week we have started rugging up the old boys and girls, this has been such a terrible summer and they all look "tired" and in need of a little comfort.  Liz got a new rug at the end of last year so it has been in the barn all summer and not cleaned.  Imagine my surprise when I shook the rug and noticed something "furry" in it... the cutest of bats.

He couldn't be safely returned so we picked him up gently and placed him in some more rugs (you know the sort you keep incase they come in useful one day....)  Liz says the furry little bugger must have fiddled with the surcingles as they seem to have got a little tight around her midriff.

Last night the dogs publicly announced they were unamused with the diet they are on and putting the chinese take away back in the fridge was a step to far... so they helped themselves to the large pot of lentil soup on the hob.... I have it on good authority it was EVERYWHERE... I wouldn't know as I carefully stayed in bed.  To put it none to politely the dogs are now sat quietly farting in their baskets.

I wish for once we had liveries for sheer amusement value as this years haylage is rocket fuel.  The stallions have turned into fire breathing dragons (lots of snort!!) and the foals only have one pace - bounce!!!

Oh and the big excitement of the week.... I got an email last night saying that the Royal Highland Show is holding a driving class for donkeys and..... MULES!!!!!!!!  On the Saturday afternoon, what a crowd pleaser that should be.  Well Treacle is going, we just haven't fine tuned the cunning plan yet, watch this space!!!!

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LittleBit's Mom said...

Congrats on the show!!! I can't wait to see how Muley does! Love the bat! We caught one in our office last year! It was hanging from the ceiling...great fun for all!