Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back to work!

"Holy shit" says Arrayan "the holiday is over"

Desperately in need of a firm haircut and a bit (Ok a lot...) of toning up but definitely back on form and enjoying his work.

Photographers lesson learnt though - the wee camera is no good as I have to be too close to the action.  In this case being too close to the action involved stopping the ball with my shin and squealing quite a lot.  I didn't quite drop to the ground but I did hop a fair bit.  At least I'm getting a great lump and a decent bruise... nothing worse than pain and no evidence!

1 comment:

Offley Hoo said...

ouch... extreme sympathies..
taking a leaf out of your book I am on my way to starting a photo blog for the farm... have got the blog set up but nothing on it yet.
Love your blog by the way.