Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Enjoying the lovely evenings on the farm.

A few snaps from the farm tonight, Arrayan coming back from stick and balling.

Lucia spots her dad!

Then she spots me... Helllooooooo

Chamfron Compostela as a two year old, I've been trying to get shots to show her colour but she's such a bold friendly filly that you have to catch her unawares! She has now roaned out lightly with dark spots as far as her withers and still with the small white splodges she was born with. She is the most minimally marked Nico foal we have had but we really like her colour.

The palomino girls had a hoon around, Bubbles in front, visiting mare Poppy behind.

Poppy streaking past!

Synchronised yearlings.

Pitufa stick and balling

Pitufa washed off and ready to roll!

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos as ever! The guys are looking really well and after seeing your girls colour I long for Ellas old colour it is so similar.