Friday, 29 July 2011

Finished covering for 2011

Having brought Bubbles in to tease this morning and admired her best Camel impression we conclude that she has no intention of producing a sibling to the lovely Wills in 2012! We will be having later foals next year as my ankle really didn't hold up to covering for a while there and we still have to tease Mable and Ellie next month but all being well we should have the following foals due in 2012.

To Arrayan Numa...

Midnite Harmony due the 20th of April.
Lady Erica due the 25th of April.
La Reine de Rome due the 24th of May.
Gordian Knot due the 7th of June.
Sue Ellen due the 26th of June.

To Exbury Ghost...

Oor Eagle Eye Cherry due the 17th of May.
Abelbeck due the 4th of June.
Sheza Perfect Zippo due the 12th of June.
Carter Bar due the 2nd of July.

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