Saturday, 23 July 2011

Puppy Show

When we first moved to Dumfriesshire we walked a couple of hound puppies for two years, Warrent and Wager in 07 and Sandal and Savior in 08 (then the kennel got commandeered for chooks!) We were kindly invited to the puppy show today as Warrent was awarded the Rhona Bell McDonald Cup for the hound that has contributed most to the pack over the last few seasons. He has also been used as a stallion hound and I think the best bitch puppy was Sausage and was by him (looking at Andrew in the fourth snap) and Gandolph who was the best doghound from the 2010-2011 entry was also one of his (hairy hound in the third snap). Warrent and Wager should be in the first photo (somewhere!) and Warrent is in the second.


cheyenne jones said...

Well done!

Laura said...

Thanks, Its nice to see them doing well though I'm sure its absolutely nothing to do with his upbringing here!!