Saturday, 15 March 2014


A wee change to our terms and conditions as we near foaling time for 2014.

***All foals in 2014 will be offered for sale and can be held on a deposit of £1000***

Regular followers of the Blog and Facebook page will notice that occasionally a foal is marked up as a sold and then doesn't leave home when it should.  Of course its not the end of the world, there is always space and food for that foal and if it stays a bit longer it will find the right home in the end.  That said generally by the time a buyer has dropped out a sale we've made business and breeding decisions based on that horse being away, we've invested time and effort keeping in touch with the "new owner" - sending them photos, arranging visits, measuring for rugs etc.  We are also pleased and quite excited about its future plans.

We don't believe increasing the deposit will in anyway discourage the good buyers (and they are the majority) but we hope that it will mean people just take a second longer to make sure that they do want that foal and will be in a position to take it come weaning time.

On a cheerier note - Oor Eagle Eye Cherry already has a fairly full udder and Fatima looks like a space hopper!

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