Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wildlife and weather

Still some activity on Badger Cam but no cleaning out of the set so I am hopeful that means we have cubs in situ.  We are getting plenty of birds passing by the camera including a pheasant cock and this crow collecting nesting materials.  

The fields are greening up and about half the daffodils are out down the driveway now.  All the puddles and tractor tracks have frog spawn in them and we already have tadpoles.  As the weather dries up we are getting a chance to tidy up the fallen trees.  It almost feels like Spring...!


Denise said...

How lovely- hope there are cubs! I'm warily wondering if Spring is here. Very warily.

Laura said...

I fear the definition of optimism may be people in SW Scotland thinking it is Spring before July ;-)