Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mark's Funeral

Details from today...

Entry Music - Vow To Thee My Country (Russell Watson) - well it should of been!!!
Reflection Music - Live Like Horses (Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John)
Exit Music - Now We Are Free (Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard)

First poem by Alison Lewis

When you're sad and feeling low
Remember how you came to know
The son, the boy, the man, the friend
Who chose with you his life to spend.

The horses mope and dogs will bark
Because they too are missing Mark
Keep in your heart the Mark you knew
And his unending love for you.

See through the tears
Just watch him ride
And let him fill your heart with pride
Smiling, laughing, running free
Jumping fences, filled with glee.

Strong and kind, brave hearted Scot
Mark made the most of his own lot
He lived his dreams, made dreams come true
He loved his life, and he loved you.

Second poem by Linda Huxley

Foals dancing in the sunlight, mares fast, agile, serene
A stallion stepping, head held high
His power part of the dream
A dream of horses, fast and proud, taught with wisdom, love and grace
The work is full, the life is good,
The legacy in place.
But dreams are hard and dreamers pay with blood and sweat and tears
Such dreams are made from work and pain
And stress and future fears
The dream is made, in every foal his wisdom now lives on,
His legacy lies in every horse
He set his mark upon
From deep within these horses hearts, his soul rides safe inside
His dream lives on, the dreamer gone,
Yet here in grace and pride.
When darkness falls, just watch for him reflected in their eyes,
His soul, his wisdom, wit and love
Rides free, 'neath starry skies...


Denise said...

Sorry I was unable to come. I was thinking of you today as I stood with the horses looking at the snowdrops.
Beautiful poems, especially the second one. It says it all so well.

Cindy said...

Beautiful, the love and respect is evident in the writings. I wish you peace.

Unknown said...

Laura - you were amazing at the funeral. So composed. It must have been such a difficult day for you and all the family. Lovely service and poems. Glad we had a few moments to talk to each other afterwards. We are here to help if you ever need it. Sally Chamberlain
Mannog Appaloosas N. Wales.