Monday, 1 February 2016

Mule of Kintyre Away

Treacle is now well on her way to her new home but not without me having a wee moment!  It is blowing a gale (when is it not?), bale wrap flying past, trees creaking ominously and I don't fancy a three quarter of a mile walk to the road end, I will trailer mule, simple!  

I can't get the lock of the trailer, I have a wee panic, then I get a grip of myself and realise Dick will be over to help in plenty of time and he will get the lock off.  Then Gillies rang, they are at Langholm, OK now I am really panicking, I say hopefully "are you in the 3.5t wagon?" - the driver laughs.

So, I ring my lovely neighbours and they dash up with their trailer, mule leaps on and we trundle down the drive way, meanwhile the lorry has the wrong post code and is going the scenic route (I thought the driver was lovely and calm considering you do not want to do the scenic route round here.)

Mule walks off the trailer, has a small apple and goes straight up the ramp into the lorry.  The driver must have realised she is VERY SPECIAL as by now she has five people waving her off (and one trying not to cry.)

So have fun muley, you are the best of mules, totally infuriating at times but never failing to rise to the occasion.

Oh and the trailer lock...?  It was unlocked, Dick tapped it lightly and it fell off.  I laughed. 


Mo said...

Glad to hear she is off in style. Guess you are not destined for a career in Engineering ?!

Laura said...

I have decided three things already that are "Man Jobs" - these are 1) Mouse traps 2) Trailer wheel locks and 3) pouring my drinks (I seem to be consistently heavy handed) - I am bound to find more things i am incompetent at soon ;-)

Lindy said...

Muley will always be remembered for beating the opposition in the novice class at Gilsland.

Laura said...

Absolutely, I consider it her finest hour!!