Thursday, 21 June 2018

Highland Show

Sunny day up at the Royal Highland Show with Sonya, took the train from Tweedbank and then the Tram from Edinburgh which is certainly the civilised way to avoid the traffic, I had my coffee on the way out and curled up with a book on the return.  Got third again in the photography competition, disappointed this time as it wasn't as strong a class and to be honest I don't feel I beat anything, though I was lightly cheered to hear several people say they liked it while I was lurking!  I then sat and watched Jude (previously on the blog as the owner of Tiger / aka Pussy, the pony with the big personality) in the ridden Clydesdale class, only for her to win in a super strong class and get her qualification for The Horse of Year Show - your lucky mascot is available to hire for HOYS Jude!

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