Thursday, 4 July 2019

Chamfron Kukri, June 2009 - July 2019

Gemma made the decision to have Jack put down this morning after battling with his soundness for some time, no one could of tried harder to get him right but it just wasn't to be.  I will always be grateful for the brilliant scopey jumping photos of him over the years and that he was always turned out immaculately, but mostly I will remember him as a loved family horse, the one Gemma popped up on in her wedding dress and let her tiny daughter sit up on out hacking. 

Gemma's yard will be very quiet as she also made the decision to loan out Colada and she has gone to Sue at Horse Time a charity working with veterans and young people in the Borders.  Gemma will have Chamfron Olegario to back next year and in the meanwhile she too has become the owner of a small floofy white pony, all be it hers is the cleaner slimmer version!

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