Friday, 5 July 2019

Nailed it!

Writing this blog is good for forcing me to reflect and writing my yearly round up on the 31st of December last year and feeling I had achieved nothing in 2018 was a wake up call.  I was the one telling my younger colleagues to be brave, to be bold, and to take chances, yet all the while I was taking the easy option myself.  I reached out to the usual crew, dealt with my embarrassment and sent Charlotte, Jude and Sonya my CV, took it on the chin when it was declared pitiful and accepted all the help I could get when my hugely busy friends made the time to rewrite it, to meet me to talk it though and held my hand when I got back out job hunting.

In January there would be an odd incidence of synchronicity, I would post an invite on the wrong Facebook page and meet someone who would later send me the link to a job that I hadn't seen advertised anywhere else.  Once you get in the habit of asking for help it gets easier and Viv, a fellow WAY'er, was also drafted in for assistance on this application, "err so that's not exactly what they are looking for..."!!  Off to Oban for my interview, I would be one of the last cars who got through before the road was closed due to an accident, the interviewers couldn't of been nicer, I was confident on the written tasks... and finally it was a yes!

Its funny when I was with Mark I would of said I was never a woman's woman and yet somehow I have this incredible bunch of strong women around me (not just the afore mentioned!) women that are successful and kind and who build others up (while being hugely funny and just a little sarcastic too obviously).  I'm bloody sure I don't deserve my friends.


Cindy said...

Way to go, that's awesome news!

Laura said...

Thanks Cindy :-)