Sunday, 22 March 2020


So after what has felt like months of wet weekends the sun shone, the ground is drying up and it feels much more Springlike which may actually be really shit timing as people flocked to the countryside and beaches.  Images online of cars packed for miles along the road at Snowdon and reports of camper vans heading en masse into Cornwall and the Highlands.  So as the country is told to limit social contact due to Coronavirus people have headed out to get some fresh air but it was unnecessary travel to areas with ageing populations and limited hospital availability.  In addition to that I just can't get my head round the mentality of people who heard "we are closing the pubs and restaurants after Friday" and just thought "super, one last bender, the cask ale will be cheap!"  

I am undoubtably lucky, I can walk for miles from my door and see no one, my "me time" is in the hills on Spidey (who, all wood touched, is highly unlikely to cause me to need use of an over stretched NHS) and as an introvert with very robust mental health this social distancing won't cause me too much angst.  On a personal level I am not likely to die of Coronavirus, in an ideal world I'd like to avoid it completely, it isn't giving me sleepless nights but I do think this will get an awful lot worse before it gets better.  I think we will follow a similar rate of infections to Italy (who had nearly 800 deaths yesterday), we appear to be a fortnight behind them at present and have no way of knowing if they have peaked yet (probably not).  I think we, in the UK, had the benefit of hindsight and as an island we could and should of done a better job of slowing the tide. 

In other news... it's so FLOOFY!!!!

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